Pirkanmaan Nuorkauppakamari

Pirkanmaan Nuorkauppakamari (PINKK) on alle 40-vuotiaiden aktiivisten vaikuttajien kansainvälinen johtamis-, oppimis-, ja kehittymisjärjestö. Vaikutamme yhteiskuntaan positiivisesti kehittämällä nuorten aikuisten johtamistaitoa, sosiaalista vastuuta, yrittäjyyttä ja kansainvälisyyttä.

Nuorkauppakamaritoiminta perustuu tekemällä oppimiseen.

JCI Pirkanmaa is making international history

Deputy Presidents to two different JCI National organizations for 2014 from JCI Pirkanmaa

JCI Pirkanmaa has made international history; never before in JCI history has two people in the same year from the same local JCI branch been elected as Deputy Presidents in two different countries – until now. JCI Finland elected Ms. Johanna Lundán from JCI Pirkanmaa as National Deputy President to their board of directors and JCI Sweden elected Ms. Jenni Ahlstedt as their National Deputy President. Both ladies have been active members in JCI Pirkanmaa since it was established in 2009 and have been also members in other JCI branches in Finland. Additionally, Jenni is currently a member of JCI Stockholm which enables her to act in Sweden.
The national elections of JCI Finland were held in the 10-12th of October in Joensuu, where Johanna Lundán was elected to this important executive development role in JCI Finland.   Additionally JCI Sweden's national elections were held in 17-20th of October in Gothenberg, Sweden where Jenni Ahlstedt was elected as the new energetic Deputy President of JCI Sweden for 2014.

Finland's international JCI conqueration doesn't stop here
In addition to Johanna and Jenni, Finland is conquering national JCI organizations all over the world; In JCI Ireland national elections on the 4-6th of October Mr. Jani Hirvonen was elected as the 2014 Deputy President in JCI Ireland. Jani is originally from Turku, Finland and a member of JCI Dublin. Jani has been strongly involved developing JCI in Ireland and was the Local President in the biggest JCI branch in Ireland (JCI Dublin) in 2012 when the branch was awarded as the Most Outstanding Local Organization in Ireland. Jani is also the first ever non-Irish Deputy President in JCI Ireland.

Junior Chamber International
The international governing organization of national JCI organizations, Junior Chamber International (JCI) is a global network of young active citizens and professionals and aims at developing the society and leadership to ensure a better future and positive change. JCI is a membership-based nonprofit organization of 200,000 young people ages 18 to 40 in 5,000 communities and more than 100 countries around the world. It was established in 1915 so in 2015 it will celebrate its 100th anniversary.

JCI Pirkanmaa
JCI Pirkanmaa (PINKK) is a membership-based nonprofit organization of young people ages 18 to 40 in Pirkanmaa, the Tampere Region in Finland.
It offers leadership opportunities, trainings and networks locally and globally to active young citizens who are interested in self-development. JCI Pirkanmaa has 150 active members and senators and it's members are widely spread in key positions in the region's business and public sector.

More information:
JCI Finland: Johanna Lundán, johanna.lundan@jci.fi
JCI Sweden: Jenni Ahlstedt, jenni.ahlstedt@jcisweden.se
JCI Ireland: Jani Hirvonen, jjhirv@gmail.com
Photos: top right Johanna Lundán, left Jenni Ahlstedt, right below Jani Hirvonen