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"I Fail Good" - JCI Workshop

Keskiviikko, 8. huhtikuu 2020 - 17:3019:30

NAME: "I Fail Good" - JCI Workshop

Date: 08.04.2020 17:30 - 19:30

Location: Tribe Tampere (Pinninkatu 47) 

Would you like to learn methods that help ease the pressure of failure? Would you like to practice how to face changing situations and adapt quickly?

In this workshop we use methods of improvisation to create a mindset that helps you accept the state of not knowing what will happen next, and coping with fear of failure. We will go together through a set of fun engaging, yet simple activities that help us get familiar with these methods and use them on our own!

The language of the workshop will be mainly English, but we will also be using a bit of Finnish and "Finglish".

The workshop instructors are Mirella Mellonmaa from JCI Pirkanmaa and Mirza Sagdati from JCI United. Mirella is a drama instructor and a photographer, Mirza is an entrepreneur and startup accelerator coach. The both study improv theater at YesFinland!


Further information and registration link coming soon!